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At AAC our dedicated staff has been creating quality models for over 19 years. We have been helping doctors, chriopracters, attorneys, & more with accurate models for helping their clients with visual aid.
You can order with the peace of mind that we will do what it takes to get you the product you expect & deserve!
We are leading manufacturers of anatomical models including lumbar, pelvis, skeleton, skull, vertebral, cervicle, shoulder, knee, extremities, promotional, sportsman, animal skeletons, wood bases, wood plaques & metal display stands.
More than just a model manufacturer, we are continually bringing the medial profession products they deserve to inform customers, train students, appreciate their dedicated workers, even design and manufacture useful cabinets and decor for office remodels thanks to our parent company!

We have many patents/copyrights on the illustration of muscles and anatomy that have set the standard for the industry!

Our muscles have a texture you can feel and learn or teach easier from. As most manufacturers try to show this with paint, our muscles are guaranteed to last with our limited LIFETIME GUARANTEE and feature full 3 dimension solid lifelike rubber construction with the color throughout.
When you are looking for the best in quality, best in design features, most true to life 3 dimension illustrations, we are here for you!

With dealers all around the globe, you can rest assured we are steadfast to our roots that all of our products are made and assembled by quality craftsman in the heartland of the USA! This affords us to service our dealers equally due to our centralized location!


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Half Disarticulated Skeleton
Bag Of Bones
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Oversized Atlas & Axis
Oversized Occipital C-7
Shoulder Models
Arm Models
Tunnel Hand
Full Leg Model
Knee Models
Reproductive System
foot,foot model
Atlas & Axis
Pelvis Models
 Lumbar Vertebral Column
 Lumbar Degeneration Model
Lumbar Section
3rd, 4th, 5th, Lumbar Set
Foot Models
Full Skeleton
Skeletal Torso Model
Muscle Vertebral Column
Vertebral Column With Ribs
Basic Vertebral Column
Flexible Upper Torso / Heart
Artificial Human Skull
Full Muscle Skeleton
skull,skull mount,taxidermy
Taxidermy & Sportsman Series
award,award plaque
Recognition Awards
student package
Student Package
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